The Witcher 3 Is Huge, but Still Focused on Story/Content

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

Witcher 3 logo

Yesterday we told you about the surprising size of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Since CD Projekt RED originally predicted the game would be about 20% larger than Skyrim, fans were quite surprised to see that the combined sizes of two of the game’s areas are 3.5 times the size of Skyrim.

Today, CD Projekt RED responded, telling OnlySP that the world could be “even bigger.”

An lengthier statement from the company also made it clear that the size of the world is not as important as the content within it.

Characters in this world are real, you could believe they exist. The stories here stick with you and your choices are meaningful–this is what counts!

While it’s nice to have clarification on the game’s size, we’re even happier about that last statement. Whenever we hear about how large a game’s world is going to be, it’s hard not to feel some concern that it might sacrifice quality and content in exchange for size. If The Witcher 3 can bring strong stories and gameplay along with its massive world, we’re all for it.