Will the Xbox Live Gold Paywall Be Changed?

Last Updated: April 6, 2014


Phil Spencer has been causing some waves in the gaming community since he was appointed the head of Xbox. His determination to focus on games and gamers is a beacon of hope for fans who think the Xbox One has been caught up in too many non-gaming activities. He’s working hard to make the Xbox One a success and make Microsoft’s E3 show fantastic. Perhaps even more interestingly, however, he recently referenced “changes” he might make.

While he didn’t actually name anything specific he intends to change, it came up when a fan asked about the Xbox Live Gold paywall. His response?

The paywall is a sore point for many gamers, as you need to be a Gold member to access Netflix, the upcoming Doom beta, and more. Now, he didn’t actually say he’s going to get rid of it, but he both acknowledged that players want someone to “blame” and suggested they could only blame him until he made his “changes.” What do you think? Is Spencer going to take down the paywall? Such a decision would go a long way toward creating goodwill with fans.