Will Microsoft’s TV Shows Attract Customers to Xbox One?

Last Updated: April 7, 2014


We knew Microsoft was working on a Halo show, but it looks like they have much bigger television goals in mind. Nancy Tellem is now in charge of the Xbox television studio, which has announced an eight-episode science fiction drama series called Humans.

In addition to Humans and Steven Spielberg’s Halo series, Microsoft also has plans for another Halo project produced by Ridley Scott and David Zucker, “Every Street United,” which is about street soccer, and two others we only have a few details on: “a tech-focused documentary series by award-winning producers Simon and Jonathan Chinn [and] the live event Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.”

At least some of these will be interactive in some way, to blur the line between games and TV.

Additionally, Tellem hinted that she sees an amazing amount of potential in Microsoft’s offerings, “whether it’s from a game like Fable or Age of Empire or Gears of War or Forza.”

A Forza video game? We don’t quite see it, but the others could certainly work.

Microsoft came under a lot of fire after the Xbox One reveal for being too focused on non-gaming media like television, but it seems as though they think TV will give them a new way to reach both fans and potential customers. What do you think?