Weak Wii U Console Sales Change Nintendo’s Plans

Last Updated: January 17, 2014


Nintendo has had more than its share of difficulties this generation. They had to cut their projected sales of the 3DS in the fiscal year, lowering them from 18 million to 13.5 million. Although the 3DS has been selling well in Japan, its overseas sales have been weaker, especially in Europe. Their estimates of 3DS software sales dropped from 80 million to 66 million.

However, the real damage comes from the low sales of the Wii U. Nintendo lowered their estimated shipments of Wii U consoles from 9 million to 2.8 million. With these things taken into account, Nintendo could have a $240 million net loss for the fiscal year.

On the other hand, at least their estimates suggest the Wii U’s sales lifted during the holiday season. 2.8 million sales for the fiscal year is a marked rise from the 460,000 Wii U units sold between March and September. Still, the Wii U’s future looks dismal.

President Satoru Iwata, the head of Nintendo, said they may have to rethink their business strategies. Among other things, he cited an interest in smart devices as something the company might look into.

While Iwata did not make any definitive statements, some fans feel the failure of the Wii U is the beginning of the end for Nintendo as a console developer. Others expect the company to bounce back with a new, innovative idea and return to its former glory. Time will tell.