Watch Dogs Will Have DLC, But Not Sex

Last Updated: April 26, 2014

Watch Dogs screenshot 3

As always, Creative Director Jonathan Morin has been very active in answering questions about Watch Dogs, which is just over a month away from being released. So, what burning questions did people have about the game this time? Well, this one we quite expected–will Watch Dogs have DLC, and/or a Season Pass? The answer is yes, although full details have yet to be revealed.

Other fans has questions on topics like the effects of multiplayer on the single player campaign, and hacking bank accounts, and Morin was happy to answer. When you play multiplayer modes, you will gain/lose “notoriety,” which affects your multiplayer status, but has no effect on the single player game. When you hack into bank accounts, you can hack multiple accounts, build up your money, and take it all from an ATM in a single transaction.

Watch Dogs screenshot 4

Then came a question we weren’t really expecting–someone asked if Aiden will be able to have sex with NPCs. The answer is no, although there is sexual content in the game, Aiden will not be having sex with any NPCs.

Ubisoft also released news about the multiplayer modes. There is “Intrusion,” where you enter another player’s game to try to steal data, “Decryption,” a four vs. four competitive game, “Tailing,” where you enter another player’s game to follow and observe them, and “Racing,” which is, well, racing.

Interestingly, when one player is in another player’s game, each will see their own character as Aiden, as the other player’s character as “fixer” NPC.

There is also a free app that will allow for second-screen multiplayer in which the player with the app acts as a ctOS agent, employing the police, helicopters, hacks, and more to try to stop Aiden.

Finally, if you’ve been wondering just how true-to-life Watch Dogs’s version of Chicago is, take a look.

Watch Dogs Chicago comparison

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