Watch Dogs: “Digital Shadow” Trailer and New Details


New details about Watch Dogs just keep coming. Thanks to Youtube user silentc0re, who has compiled information from Ubisoft’s podcasts, we have a few more pieces of gameplay-related information to add to the list of things we know about Watch Dogs.

You’ll get to choose the way you play the game. You don’t have to hack everything, for example, and there isn’t a set way you need to play to make money. If you hack into phones to listen to conversations, you’ll never hear the same conversation twice. In fact, you probably won’t hear the same lines twice from any NPC, either, as there are 400-500 lines for every civilian in the city. There will be a lot of weather effects in the game, and all of the animations are brand new except for the animations for swimming and bodies going through the air, which were both taken from Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Check out the full video for yourself, but before you do, there’s another video you should watch. Ubisoft just released the Digital Shadow trailer for Watch Dogs.

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