Watch Dogs: Deep World, NPCs, Crafting, and More

March 15, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Watch Dogs logo Fans are pretty excited about Watch Dogs, especially with a release date finally known, and creative director Jonathan Morin has revealed a lot of information about the game.

Since it’s an open world game, a big question players have is, “How big is it?” According to Morin, the developers were much more focused on depth than on size, due to the nature of the game. Therefore, while Watch Dogs won’t have the largest world, he says it is “the deepest one you’ve ever seen.” Apparently players are also concerned about the lack of aircraft in the game, to the point where he addressed the question directly. That also ties back to the size—they focused on the depth of the world, rather than giving it the scale necessary for aircraft.

Colin Graham also answered some questions about NPCs. NPCs will be unique and will be generated according to the geographic location, so that they fit their setting. Although there are some recurring NPCs who are important to the story, Graham said it will be a unique experience for all players, to the point where “it’s not really possible to see the same thing twice.”

He and lead game designer Danny Balanger both talked about the systems at work in the game. From what they said, tiny choices you make will affect things all throughout the game, which is what makes each session so unique.

Balanger also elaborated on the game’s crafting system. Crafting is related to hacking. For example, if you hack civilians, you can get one-use passwords. It is meant to be a fast-paced system.

Morin answered a few additional questions on Twitter. The game’s delay was so the developers could polish the hacking system, online invasions can be turned on or off and are varied based on your invasion rate, and you can run over civilians for a negative reputation effect.

That enough Watch Dogs news for you? Between the various multiplayer modes, the mini-games, and all of this new information, it sounds like Watch Dogs will really be packed with content! Let us know your thoughts.

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