Watch Dogs 2: Wrench – The Spiky Masked Man

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Watch Dogs 2: Wrench

In Watch Dogs 2, “Wrench” is one of the main characters, a DedSec hacker who works as the group’s engineer. Thanks to his sense of humor and unique personality, he’s already become a favorite character for many fans.

According to his profile found on the official Watch Dogs website, Wrench got his nickname because “he’s the wrench you throw into somebody’s gears to grind them to a halt.” Wrench’s real name is unknown, although the mission “The Name Game” suggests it might be Reginald.

Wrench’s profile goes on to describe him as a man with no fear, someone who goes further than the other members of DedSec. But don’t let that make you think Wrench is a serious, grim character. On the contrary, he’s energetic, excitable, and humorous… if also wild and dangerous.

One thing that immediately makes Wrench stand out from the others is his mask. Wrench wears a strange mask that uses an LED display to display expressions and emotes. The mask also alters his voice. So, why does Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench keep this mask on? Well, according to an in-game audio log, the FBI believes a troubled childhood led him to have difficulty conveying emotions and interacting with people. The mask allows him to display his feelings despite these troubles.

Wrench dislikes animals, as explained in the Watch Dogs 2 mission “Haum Sweet Home,” and even puppies make him nervous.

Wrench Jr.

Emotional difficulties and problems with animals aside, Wrench didn’t become DedSec’s engineer for nothing. He’s smart–smart enough to take a security robot and reprogram it to make it his personal companion. This robot, which he names “Wrench Jr.,” resembles the real-world Knightscope K5 security robot, as well as China’s new AnBot riot control robot.

An actual replica of Watch Dogs 2’s Wrench Jr. was included with the Collector’s Editions.

Wrench Cosplay

Like any popular character, Wrench has fans who want to cosplay him. If you need help with Watch Dogs 2 Wrench cosplay, Ubisoft has provided a cosplay guide.

The cosplay guide, which can be either viewed online or downloaded, includes shots of Wrench from the front, back, and sides. It then breaks down his character design into everything you’d need to know for an accurate costume: close-up shots of his clothing, the colors used for each part of his outfit, and detailed drawings of his tattoos.

It also has close shots of Wrench Jr., in case you want to make your own little robot to accompany you during your cosplay. Finally, it shows every one of the emotes displayed by Wrench’s mask in Watch Dogs 2.

The mask might look like the trickiest part of the cosplay, but unless you’re planning to use an LED display like Wrench himself does, it is probably best to make the individual emotes for the mask’s goggles and swap them out depending on which emotion you want to display.

On the other hand, if you really want an authentic Watch Dogs 2 mask like Wrench’s, one ambitious and technology-savvy cosplayer has provided a guide to creating a mask that can actually display Wrench’s emotes through the use of LED lights and a remote control you can carry with you while in costume.

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