Watch Dogs: 100 Mini-games, Multiplayer Footage, and More

Last Updated: April 23, 2014

Watch dogs screenshot

Do you remember back when we reported that there would be more than the six revealed mini-games in Watch Dogs?

Yep. It’s got 100.

In an interview with Gamersyde, Creative Director Jonathan Morin said that there are “about forty contracts that are more focused on driving” and “more than 100” mini-games, including “the drinking game, more classic city games, poker, chess, […] the shell game, […]the more crazy games on the phone using augmented reality, there are two of them. We also have the digital trips.”

From what Morin said, at least two of the puzzling screenshots that appeared in the Welcome to Chicago trailer are examples of these “digital trips.”

Thanks to NeoGAF, we’ve also gotten to see a batch of character and environment screenshots revealed in Europe.

Watch Dogs screenshot 2

Check out the thread to see the rest–but first, take a look at this great new footage, if you’re interested in the multiplayer aspects of Watch Dogs, courtesy of GameInformer.

What do you think? Is Watch Dogs shaping up the way you hoped it would? Share your impressions in the comments below. May 27 is quickly approaching, and we anticipate a lot more Watch Dogs news before then.