Two free maps for Killzone: Shadowfall coming

Last Updated: January 15, 2014

Sony has just announced that two new maps will soon be dropping in for Killzone: Shadowfall. The two maps, titled “Cruiser” and “The Hangar” will be absolutely free of charge and have “been inspired by key locations from the single player campaign”. As an added bonus, they’ll also be 100% compatible with Killzone’s Custom Warzone feature.



Sony says that the key to dominating the Cruiser map is to indentify and then control the choke points on the map, while you need to be wary of the “alternative routes” in The Hangar map in order to do well there.

The Hangar


Finally, it was also announced that work has begun on the first DLC expansion pack for the game, with more information on exactly what it entails to be revealed soon!