Titanfall: Loadouts, AI, and the Cloud

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With the release of th e alpha version of Respawn’s Titanfall, and the launch of the highly-anticipated game less than two months away, new details have come to light about this mech-based first-person shooter.

Both Pilots and Titans have loadouts for players to prepare. Loadouts for Pilots include spots for three different types of weapons—the primary weapon, an anti-Titan weapon, and a secondary sidearm. Titans only use a single weapon, but it is much more powerful. Pilots can also customize their loadout with ordnance, a Tactical Ability, and two kit slot items.

The Minion Detector is just one example of an item players can put in the kit slot. It reveals the locations of minor enemies. Titans also have unique items for that loadout slot, such as Nuclear Ejection, which causes the Titan to explode when it is defeated.

When a Titan is summoned, it will be able to use a Core Ability after a certain amount of time. There are multiple types of Core Abilities, such as the Damage Core, which increases the amount of damage the Titan deals.

Fans, especially those lucky enough to try the alpha, are still very excited about Titanfall. The game makes use of the Xbox Live Cloud for its AI, so that AI opponents won’t be affected by players’ bandwidth. Some players have reported that the AI opponents are not very good, and Respawn has confirmed that the AI difficulty level cannot be changed, although there will be multiple types of AI. Since Titanfall’s emphasis is on multiplayer, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue, but this is the one potential flaw that is garnering a lot of concern.

Are you a member of the Titanfall alpha? What are your thoughts on the game so far?

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