Titanfall Beta Starts February 14, Sign Up Now

Last Updated: February 12, 2014


If you’ve been waiting for news about the Titanfall beta, you’re in luck. You can now sign up for a chance to access the beta on either the Xbox One or PC, although not everyone who applies will be accepted. All you need to do is go to the beta page and follow the instructions. If you wish to play the beta on a PC, you must have an Origin account. It is open to players worldwide, although the beta itself will be in English.

The Titanfall beta will begin on February 14th. You’ll be able to try out three different game modes: Attrition, which is similar to Team Deathmatch games, Hardpoint Domination, which has teams fight to capture three checkpoints, and Last Titan Standing, where all players have a Titan and you must destroy all of the other team’s Titans in order to win. Two maps will be available in the beta.

According to the registration page, players who are accepted into the beta will be emailed directly by EA sometime before 11:59 PST on February 17th.

EA also revealed a new Titanfall trailer to mark the launch of the beta (as above). Check it out, sign up for the beta if you’re interested, and let us know your hopes and expectations for Titanfall.