Titanfall: Achievements, Size, and No Pre-load Option

Last Updated: February 21, 2014


With Titanfall’s release just around the corner, new details surface every day. Thanks to the game’s official Xbox Live listing, we now know that its installation size will be 15.88 GB on the Xbox One.

A NeoGAF user named Sangreal also uncovered and posted a list of 35 achievements for Titanfall, along with the first Xbox One challenge for the game, although we cannot verify the accuracy of the list.

A sadder detail is that you won’t be able to pre-load the game. Xbox One users were excited when the listing was first revealed, because it said players would be able to download the game in advance, so that they could play it immediately when it unlocked on its release date. However, Microsoft has since come forth and announced that the message was an error. If you want to play Titanfall on your Xbox One, you’ll have to download it on its release day after all.

Still, at least you can check out the rumored achievement list in the meantime. Let us know your thoughts.