A Thief’s End May Be Uncharted’s End, Too

June 12, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Uncharted 4

Well, we’ve had some time now to think about what little we know about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, after its title and new trailer were revealed at E3. By the way, Naughty Dog confirmed that trailer was in-game footage running on the PS4.

But Uncharted 4 may be the last Uncharted game we ever see. Nolan North, who voices series protagonist Nathan Drake, told IGN that he believes Naughty Dog wants this to be the last game, although it isn’t official.

If it is the last game, he hope no other developer tries to continue the series in Naughty Dog’s stead, and we understand where he’s coming from with that.

Of course, between this piece of information and the title “A Thief’s End,” some fans are concerned that Drake will die in this game. The official description of the game does nothing to alleviate those concerns:

“Several years after his last adventure, retired fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, is forced back into the world of thieves. With the stakes much more personal, Drake embarks on a globe-trotting journey in pursuit of a historical conspiracy behind a fabled pirate treasure. His greatest adventure will test his physical limits, his resolve, and ultimately what he’s willing to sacrifice to save the ones he loves.”

Personal stakes and sacrifice… What do you think?

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