Will the Xbox Live Gold Paywall Be Changed?

Phil Spencer has been causing some waves in the gaming community since he was appointed the head of Xbox. His determination to focus on games and gamers is a beacon of hope for fans who think the Xbox One has been caught up in too many non-gaming activities. He’s working hard to make the Xbox […]

Week of Xbox Live Gold To Make Up for March 11’s Issues

Remember back when the Xbox One had numerous Xbox Live sign-in issues on March 11? It was the launch day of Titanfall, and more than a few players were annoyed that they couldn’t even play their new game. Well, if you were one of the users who had issues logging in, you should be receiving […]

Xbox One: Warnings to Those With Bad Reputations

The new reputation system on the Xbox One gives players a reputation ranking based on their behavior in the gaming community. These rankings range from “Good” to “Avoid me,” with “Needs work” in between. This reputation is visible on your Gamercard and lets other players quickly see if you’ve been reported by others a lot. […]

Xbox Live Issues for Titanfall and Forza 5

If you’re having trouble with Xbox Live today, you’re not alone. Earlier today, some players encountered issues playing GTA V and Call of Duty: Ghosts during scheduled maintenance work, but even though the maintenance is over, some problems remain. Now, Forza 5 players are encountering difficulties, and the Titanfall servers are down. The Titanfall issue […]

Gamer Achieves 1,000,000 Xbox Live Gamerscore

Raymond Cox, the user known as Stallion83 on Xbox Live, Twitter, and Twitch, has had a certain degree of fame these past few years for his goal to be the first person ever to get an Xbox Live Gamerscore of one million. Well, he’s finally done it. In a recent interview with GameInformer, he said […]

Xbox Live Issues Should be Resolved

Microsoft has resolved the issues with Xbox Live, so players should be good to go. If you’re still experiencing difficulties Microsoft’s support page provides some solutions. You can try to power cycle your Xbox One by holding down the power button for five seconds to power it down, and then turning it back on after […]

Xbox Live’s Issues Aren’t Due to Titanfall

If you’ve been trying to play online Xbox One games today, such as the newly-released Titanfall, you might be having a little trouble. Xbox Live is experiencing widespread difficulties on the Xbox One, and Microsoft issued a service alert saying that it is in a “limited” state. In this limited state, many users are unable […]

Xbox Live Could Come to iOS and Android Devices

If you enjoy using Xbox Live on your Xbox and Windows products, stay tuned—in the future, you could be able to access it on other devices, as well. Verge received word from anonymous sources that Microsoft has plans to extend Xbox Live to devices that run the iOS and Android operating systems. This would make […]

Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Cards: $20 Off

If you’re interested in Xbox Live Gold, you’re in luck. Amazon and Best Buy both currently have 12-month subscription cards on sale for only $40, which is $20 off the usual price. This is great for both players who don’t have an Xbox Live Gold subscription and those who do, as you can stack subscriptions […]

Elder Scrolls Online: PS Plus Isn’t Required, Xbox Live Gold Is

With the advent of the PlayStation 4 Sony announced that players would need a PS Plus membership in order to play online multiplayer games. Xbox 360 players had always needed an Xbox Live Gold subscription for online multiplayer, but the PS3’s multiplayer had previously been free. In the new generation of console gaming, both companies […]