Xbox One: Twitter, Vine, and More

Along with the June update, Microsoft had something else to announce for the Xbox One today: the arrival of 46 additional apps. According to Microsft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb, two of the most interesting apps on their way are Twitter and Vine. You’ll be able to use Twitter when you watch TV through your Xbox […]

Xbox One Will Notify You When Friends Change Gamertags

This Xbox One feature added in the newest beta update was small enough to escape our attention, but it will definitely be helpful to players. As discovered by a user on Reddit, your Xbox Live activity feed will now include any gamertag changes made by your friends. Most users probably don’t change their gamertags often, […]

Real Name Support and External Storage for Xbox One

May’s update for the Xbox One just arrived last week, and now it’s time to look ahead to June. The June update will include: Real name support External storage support New SmartGlass features TV/OneGuide in Canada, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Italy The new Gold features and the ability to use apps without Gold, as […]

Xbox One May Update is Coming Today

The newest update for the Xbox One is on its way, so if it isn’t available for you to download now, it probably will be soon. Due to the newly implemented manual updates, if you don’t want to wait for it to automatically download, you can select “System Update” from the Settings menu. The latest […]

You Can Get the PS4 1.7 Update Tomorrow

We’ve heard a lot about the features coming to the PS4 with the new 1.7 firmware update, and tomorrow we’ll finally get to see it in action. Once you apply the update, you’ll have the following: Access to SHAREfactory, a free video editor app that allows you to add special effects, commentary, picture-in-picture, and more […]

PS4 1.7 Preview Shows Side Bar Chat, HD Streams, and More

Thanks to previous announcements from Sony, we knew the PS4’s upcoming 1.7 Firmware Update would bring a video editor and pre-downloads. Now, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia has released a preview video of 1.7, as well as a press release, which reveal new details. First, the update is coming on April 30, so we […]

PS4 Update 1.7 Brings Video Editor and Pre-downloads

Yesterday evening, Sony shared some details on the upcoming 1.70 PS4 update. In particular, the announcement unveiled a video editor called SHAREfactory and the new pre-download feature. SHAREfactory is an app that will let you combine videos, personalize them, add audio, and more. If you have the PlayStation Camera, you’ll also be able to add […]

Xbox One Update Includes Friend Notifications and More

The features being previewed last week by members of the Xbox One beta program are now available to everyone, as of last night’s Xbox One update. Once you apply this new update, you’ll have several new features. There will be a game/app save progress bar, and you’ll be able to see which of yours games/apps […]

Xbox One Gets Manual Updates and More

To follow up on our previous story about the new features in the future updates for the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Major Nelson has confirmed the 50 Hz Blu-ray output, firmware updates for the controller and the headset, and an enhanced update process. Now, if you keep your Xbox One in Instant On mode, it will […]

Details on Xbox One’s April Update

The April update for the Xbox One hasn’t been released to the public yet, but participants in the Xbox One beta program have already received it. According to NeoGAF user Rvaisse, the update will include several fixes to existing issues, such as Blu-ray errors and Kinect problems, a controller firmware update, and additional features, including: […]