First gamer hits level 100 on PSN

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The very first person has hit level 100 on the Playstation Network.

User “Hakoom” has been playing Playstation games for 1,990 days (and counting) and finally hit the level cap just a few days ago. To reach that level he’s had to play 1,016 different games and has earned 30,857 Trophies.

That averages out to 15.5 Trophies earned per day and has left Hakoom with an average progress figure (within each game he’s played) of 83%. In terms of specific Trophies he’s earned, the number includes 611 Plats (Platinum), 2,617 Gold, 7,282 Silver and finally 20,347 Bronze.

If you want to get in touch with Hakoom and maybe pick his brain, then he posted some contact details over here at NeoGAF as well as answered a few questions that other posters wanted to know. Apparently he’s just a massive Sony fan and has been playing games ever since the Nintendo Gameboy was released!

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Potential PS4 cheats & codes – what could the next generation bring?

November 13, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

The official launch of the PlayStation 4, Sony’s next-gen gaming console, is now upon us with many reporting that their pre-ordered console has already shipped. When the PS4 is officially released on November 15 a large library of launch titles and future games will accompany it. In the little time remaining, will try to predict the kinds of PlayStation 4 cheats the future will bring.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is already available as a current-gen title, and the PS4 version will be very similar to the one already out (upgraded 1080p visuals aside). This first-person shooter does not have many cheats discovered so far, but it does have new gameplay modes that players can unlock through their actions, as well as hidden files to collect for a Trophy. Trophy strategies and similar cheats will be the most likely things we see for this PS4 title. Another current-gen title making the jump to the eighth generation of consoles is DC Universe Online. This comics-based MMORPG has Trophy guides and hints to help players deal more damage, though its online nature means more cheats could appear as time goes on. FIFA 14 is a third game we can speculate about with a good degree of accuracy. Although it has already appeared on numerous systems, this sports game will launch on the PS4 with a new game engine. Based on the current version, FIFA 14 cheats will likely pertain to Trophies and Trophy strategies.


Minecraft is in the interesting position of being a current-gen game announced for next-gen systems that is not going to be a launch title. Although the PS4 version was supposed to release alongside the console, it has been delayed. Nevertheless, this sandbox game is so popular that it’s easy to predict that its cheats will look a lot like those for the versions already out—unlockables, Trophy guides, and strategies to take advantages of glitches for cool effects like invisibility and item duplication. As a fairly similar experience across the platforms it has appeared on, it should hold few surprises.


However, these next two games won’t be fully understood until the PS4 releases, as they are both exclusive launch titles. Killzone: Shadow Fall has caused much excitement amongst series fans and newcomers alike. As a first-person shooter based on a special forces group known as the Shadow Marshals, any cheat codes for the game will probably unlock new weapons, give the player boosted health or even invincibility, or unlock scenes and areas from the game. Other likely possibilities include bonus costumes and humorous character effects. While Shadow Fall looks at the dark side of things, another one of the PS4’s big launch titles is a family-friendly action game called Knack. As a new IP, there is little to compare Knack to, but its gameplay suggests we could see cheat codes that would unlock Knack’s various abilities or grant him invincibility. There will likely be strategies on how to easily get through each level.


Whether they are interested in Knack, Killzone, or one of the many other PlayStation 4 titles, players who follow speculation about Sony’s next-gen console should get ready for its imminent release and decide if they want to pick one up or pass.

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Playstation 4 UI cheat sheet

November 12, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Sony recently held a pre-launch event for the Playstation 4 in New York and finally unveiled the PS4 UI to the public, properly. A lot of new information has since come out and we’ve compiled a handy cheat/tip sheet that tells you all the cool stuff and new features you can expect from the Playstation 4 user interface. We also have a few images too. Enjoy!

  1. You can login to your PS4 using facial recognition (and providing you have the PS Eye camera of course!). You need to be holding a controller when doing so and then move it when the PS4 tells you to (lining it up with the screen).
  2. Trophies will have a “rarity” value assigned to them that is updated dynamically (types are common, rare, very rare, and ultra rare).
  3. You can use the motion sensors in the new DualShock 4 controller that comes with the PS4 to type on the on-screen keyboard.
  4. Messages can be sent to not only other PS4 users, but also PS3 and PS Vita users. Plus you can add up to 15 seconds of voice to any message to a PS4 user and attach screenshots.
  5. There’s no time limit on streaming your gameplay. You can broadcast indefinitely!
  6. When sharing content from your PS4 you can define groups of contacts that it should only be shared to (for example, a select group of Facebook friends).
  7. When you’re using the PSN Store and have purchased a digital game, before you download it the system will ask if you’d like to start playing single or multi player first (for instance) and then start downloading files based on priority. This gets you up and running in the game mode you want more quickly.
  8. Your PS4 will be able to both upload and download data, and also recharge your controllers via USB, while in standby mode.
  9. Party chat works for up to eight people, including Vita users.
  10. A nice shortcut to the last app you used on the system is to simply double-tap the PS button.




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First PS4 Trophy lists revealed

October 8, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

The first sets of trophies for two PS4 games have been discovered and posted online by Exophase. The first is definitely going to be the least exciting Trophy list you’ve seen and that’s most probably because it’s for the Playstation 4’s tutorial game – “Shooting Game”.


The second list is a bit better though, even though it’s for another built-in/bundled title – “The Playroom“. Check out the Trophy list for The PlayRoom by clicking here.


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