Playstation 4 system hints, tips and tricks

November 18, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


As shiny new PlayStation 4 consoles slowly but surely make their way to more and more gamers’ homes (mostly without issues) certain sometimes undocumented shortcuts, tricks and other hints and tips for making the most of the system are being discovered. We compiled a nice little list of those tips directly below.

  • Additional AV options: For additional options, you can press the PS button. This will open a menu from which you can adjust the volume for your television speakers or controller speaker, manage your devices, etc. You can alter the system’s audio settings, as well, and control which types of audio it sends to the headset jack.
  • Delete user profiles: If you need to delete a user profile, go to “Settings” and then to “Initialization.” One of the options is “Delete User.”
  • Download progress: If you are downloading a game/app and want to know how much still needs to be downloaded, go to “Notifications,” then to “Downloads,” or go to “Settings,” then to “System Storage Management,” and then to “Applications.” Choose the game/app in question to find out.
  • DualShock 4 charging: While you charge your DualShock 4 controller, its light will pulse. As its charge gets closer to completion, the pulsing will slow.
  • Gyro keyboard controls: When you use the onscreen keyboard, you can switch to gyro controls by pressing R3.
  • Playstation App: If you have the mobile PlayStation App, you can use it to navigate the PS4’s dashboard and menus or use it as a keyboard.
  • Primary system: If one account with PS+ has a PS4 system set as its primary system (which can be changed by going to “Settings,” followed by “PSN,” and then selecting “Activate as Your Primary PS4), all other accounts on that same system (up to 16) will be able to play online.
  • Recording and streaming: If you want to alter your settings for recording and streaming, you can find those options under “Share Settings” options.
  • Screenshots: If you would prefer to be able to take a screenshot by simply pressing the Share button, press the Share button to open the Share Menu. Select “Options” and then “Share Settings.” From there, go to “Share Button Control Type.” Choose “Easy Screenshots.” This will swap the two functions, so that pressing the Share button will take a screenshot and holding it will open the menu.
  • Start video recording: If you double-tap the Share button, you will start a video recording.
  • Suspended games: If you are playing a game and then you start up Netflix, your game will be suspended instead of shut down. When you are ready, you can go right back to playing it.
  • Switch apps: Double-tap the PS Home button to swap from the game/app you are currently in to the one you last used.
  • View original resolution: If you look at an image sent through Twitter, you can alter the resolution to view it in its original form. Just expand the image, copy the URL, and then change the part of the URL that says “large” to “orig” to see its original resolution.
  • Voice commands: If you want to use either the microphone or the camera to navigate the system through voice controls, either press L2 or go to the dashboard and say “PlayStation.” Voice commands will then be activated. (For example, after you press L2 or say “PlayStation” at the dashboard, you could say “Knack” to go to Knack and then “Start” to begin playing it.)
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