Target buy two get one free sale expanded

Yesterday we reported that Target would be doing a “buy two get one free” deal for select Xbox One games. We were wrong. It also applies to other gaming systems (including the Playstation 4, if for some reason you’re not taking advantage of the Amazon PS4 game sale) but is unfortunately still extremely limited in […]

Target running free Xbox One game promo too

Amazon is running a “buy two get one free” games deal for the Playstation 4 and Target is also coming to the party for Xbox One gamers with its own deal for X1 games. Unfortunately it looks like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Fighter Within are the only eligible titles at this stage, […]

Target running “buy two get one free” PS4 launch game deal

If you live in the United States and have pre-ordered some Playstation 4 games through anyone other than Target, you might want to re-consider that. Today it’s been revealed that Target are going to be offering a “buy two get one free” promotion for PS4 games at launch. As you can see in the flyer […]

Amazon PS4 pre-orders sell out, international shipments stop

We hoped you took our recent advice about having your Playstation 4 pre-order locked and loaded if you want a console come November, because it looks like Amazon has finally completely sold out. Visit the relevant page on Amazon and you’ll be greeted with the following message: Sign up to be notified when this item becomes […]