Sony Says PS4 Supply Will Be Limited Until April

By now, it’s no secret that the PS4 has had phenomenal success. Its sales are so high some potential customers have been frustrated by the fact that it keeps going out of stock very quickly. According to Fergal Gara, the Playstation UK managing director, the supply will remain limited until April. He said the sales […]

The Xbox One will sell-out in certain stores

Phil Harrison (Corporate VP at Microsoft) has told EuroGamer that while Microsoft are working hard to make sure that everyone who wants a Xbox One console is able to grab one at launch, there will be situations where the console sells out. Harrison said that he hopes people who haven’t pre-ordered an Xbox One will […]

Sony expecting PS4 to sell-out

Sony says that the number of pre-orders placed so far for the Playstation 4 is higher than anything it’s seen in the last 20 years, and that since August 5 it has been advising retailers not to guarantee “Day One” shipments of consoles to any customer wishing to pre-order. The problem with pre-orders, which is […]

Pre-order availability for Xbox One continues to be mixed

Finding a Day One edition Xbox One console is becoming harder and harder with Gamestop the latest retailer to flick the “unavailable switch”. Having re-opened pre-orders just last weekend, the games retailer is now back out of stock and even the Day One game bundles (which were previously a good bet) are unavailable. As for […]