Xbox One to Get DLNA Streaming in the Future

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are both capable of streaming downloaded content from the PC, but neither of the next-gen consoles has that capability yet. According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson, DLNA streaming to the Xbox 360 was not widely used, so they plan to work on making it more appealing before they bring it […]

Twitch will ban you for non-gaming PS4 streaming content

Here’s a word of warning to those of you thinking about using the Twitch streaming capabilities of your new Playstation 4 for something other than gaming – don’t do it! Several people have already been banned from the video service that is deeply integrated into the PS4’s sharing functionality – including one guy who got […]

No live streaming for Xbox One at launch, video capturing features detailed

While the Twitch app will be available on the Xbox One when it launches this Friday, you won’t be able to stream your gameplay like your PS4-owning counterparts. That particular feature is arriving “during the first part of 2014”, Microsoft hopes. We know that the ability to broadcast your Xbox One gameplay direct to Twitch […]

Microsoft working on backwards compatibility solution

We all know that Sony is implementing a form of backwards compatibility in the PS4 by way of its Gaikai service, which will basically let you stream PS3 games down to your PS4 and play them that way. To be clear there will be no hardware based backwards compatibility. So what’s Microsoft going to do? […]

Sony to launch PS3 game library for Gaikai in 2014

While the Playstation 4 is not natively backwards compatible, Sony has long said that you will be able to stream (and play) PS3 games on your PS4 using its Gaikai cloud-gaming service. Well just last week at the Tokyo Game Show, Shuhei Yoshida announced that the first batch of streamable Playstation 3 games will soon […]

Twitch Coming to the PS4

Twitch has today announced that it will feature on the Playstation 4, enabling gamers to both publish and stream their exploits and also view other Twitch feeds directly from the PS4 console. The service will be 100% free and is activated by simply pressing the “Share” button on the new DualShock 4 controller (makes sense […]

Gameplay recording and streaming free for all on PS4

Not only are the DVR capabilities of the Playstation 4 superior to that of the Xbox One (it can record 15 minutes versus the 5 minutes the X1 can do), the feature is also free to all PS4 owners, no matter if they subscribe to Playstation Plus or not. News recently broke that if you […]