The very first retail Xbox One console off the production line

Wanna know the biggest news of the day? The retail box for the Xbox One console is green… and no we’re not kidding! Major Nelson just tweeted a picture of the very first Xbox One retail console, fresh off the assembly line, in all it’s green glory and told everyone he’ll be taking it to […]

[Pics] First Xbox One units shipping

We just told you that the Xbox One is arriving November 22 and now to get gamers that little much more excited Larry Hyrb (better known as Major Nelson / director of programming for Xbox Live) has revealed a few shots of final, retail-ready Xbox One consoles being shipped out. Where the consoles are off […]

Check out these PS4 display stands

Keep an eye out for these PS4 display units… later in the year. Via Twitter, Sony released mock-up design pictures of what the actual Playstation 4 kiosks could look like when they hit retail stores before the end of the year (a release date for the PS4 is yet to be announced). As you’d expect, […]