Tell Sony What You Think of Test Prices for PS Now

Sony is currently under fire by a lot of fans because of the prices that have surfaced in the PlayStation Now beta. There is no sign of a subscription price yet, but sample prices have appeared for individual game rentals. PS Now has previously produced reactions ranging from excitement to skepticism, but this time, the […]

PlayStation Now Enters Open Beta on July 31

At last, we’ll finally get a better look at PlayStation Now. The game streaming service, which is set to deliver streamed games for you to play on your PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and select TVs, has gotten many fans’ attention with the promise that you can play quality games you don’t own, either on a […]

PlayStation Now Beta on PS4, Invitations Sent

When a selection of PS3 games mysteriously appeared on the PS4 last week, we thought it might be a sign that the beta for PlayStation Now was on its way to another console. Well, if you have a PS4 and have been hoping to try out Sony’s game streaming service, we have good news. Starting […]

PS Now Beta Could Be On Its Way to PS4

We haven’t heard much about PlayStation Now lately. Sony’s streaming service is currently in beta testing, and since users are bound by non-disclosure agreements, it’s only through rare leaks that we get any information. The last thing we heard was that the load times for games are steadily improving. So far, the beta is only […]

More PlayStation Now Beta Invites Sent

If you missed the first round of invites, maybe this will be your chance to check out the closed beta for PlayStation Now and see how Sony’s streaming service performs. A new round of invitations are being sent out now. From what we’ve seen, the beta is still limited to the PS3, although if you […]

A Clue to PlayStation Now Prices?

The Gaikai site has been updated to include details about PlayStation Now, and while we still don’t have definite details about how Sony’s game streaming service will work, the site provides some clues. There are several pictures across the site, including one that contains prices. Three of the prices can be read: The Last of […]

Leaked PS Now Beta Video

The PlayStation Now beta is in progress, and even though invited players had to sign a non-disclosure agreement to get access to it, there are always a few people who reveal information anyway. Sure enough, a video of the beta has been leaked. The current PS Now interface resembles the PlayStation Store, but this is […]

PlayStation Now Beta Invites Sent

At the start of the month, Sony unveiled its plans for PlayStation Now, the streaming service which will allow people to stream older games to their PS3, PS4, and other devices. Starting today, select players will be invited to test the beta for PlayStation Now and find out how the service performs. Beta testers are […]