See a Sneak Peek of MGS V: The Phantom Pain This Friday

This close to E3, we thought we’d have to wait until then to see anything about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, but we were mistaken. In this week’s episode of Hideo Kojima’s webcast, Kojima Station, he will “show just a little bit” of The Phantom Pain. This week's Kojima Station will start at […]

Xbox One April Update

If you’re one of the lucky Xbox One users who was invited to preview upcoming updates, the April firmware update should now be available for you to check out. Additionally, more players are being invited to participate. Microsoft’s official message about the preview explains some of the new features coming in April: Game and app […]

Xbox One Update Details

A user on Reddit named da13thninja has posted that they tried the new Xbox One update, as a part of Microsoft’s new update beta program. While this is only a single post from a beta user, so we can’t confirm its contents, here is what the user reported. First, you can use a USB connector […]