Xbox One controller and headset available to pre-order

Xbox One controllers and wired headsets are now available to pre-order from the Microsoft Store and also Amazon. Interestingly, the release date for the controller on Amazon is November 27 (this part in particular discussed further below). Check everything out (and order if you really want) at the Microsoft Store. The Xbox One wireless controller […]

Pre-order availability for Xbox One continues to be mixed

Finding a Day One edition Xbox One console is becoming harder and harder with Gamestop the latest retailer to flick the “unavailable switch”. Having re-opened pre-orders just last weekend, the games retailer is now back out of stock and even the Day One game bundles (which were previously a good bet) are unavailable. As for […]

PS4 game preorder bonus at Amazon

Playstation 4 preorders are running red hot right now and if you want a console on launch day, then we highly recommend getting in the line early. That said, if you want to preorder some games at the same time, Amazon is running a special deal that might interest you. If you have some old […]

Amazon preorder bonus for Xbox One games

Hopefully you’ve preordered your Xbox One console by now, but if want to grab some games too, and also clean out your old collection, Amazon has a deal for you. Right now if you trade in $10 minimum worth of old games, consoles or accessories, you’ll get an additional $10 credit on top of that […]