GameStop Pre-orders for Xbox One Open Up

Just a quick note if you don’t have an Xbox One pre-order secured yet. Starting today (October 9) GameStop will be re-opening pre-orders for the console. We suggest you don’t muck around and get in quick to secure your spot if you’d like a Xbox One on release day!

Amazon not shipping any PS4s to non-US addresses

A few months ago when the Playstation 4 was officially unveiled it was possible for international gamers to order from the US Amazon store and expect to have the console delivered to them. Given that the PS4 is region free this seemed to make sense and led to lots of gamers, particularly ones from Australia […]

Amazon upgrades PS4 pre-orders to launch day

If you were unable to secure a launch edition Playstation 4 from Amazon then you might want to check your email, because reports are coming in that thousands of people have been bumped up and will now be receiving launch versions of the console on November 15 (in the US). Gamers in the United States, […]

No plans for free game with Xbox One pre-order outside EU

A week or so back we posted that if you pre-order a Xbox One in Europe, you’ll also receive a free copy of FIFA 14 with your console. That still stands. The thing is that we’ve been wondering the whole time what pre-order-ers in other parts of the world (ie the United States, Australia, etc) […]

Xbox One game pre-orders lagging those for the PS4

Either more people are pre-ordering the PS4, more games are better on the PS4, or a few select Xbox One games are simply stellar, because at the moment pre-orders for Playstation 4 games are ahead of those for the Xbox One. VGChartz has released its game pre-order numbers for both next-generation platforms for the week […]

PS4 game pre-orders leading versus Xbox One

VGChartz’ video game pre-order numbers for the week ended August 24 2013 are in and it looks like the Playstation 4 is building a pretty sizable lead over the Xbox One, at least in the United States. This means that either: More people are pre-ordering more PS4 games because there is also more people buying […]

Amazon PS4 pre-orders sell out, international shipments stop

We hoped you took our recent advice about having your Playstation 4 pre-order locked and loaded if you want a console come November, because it looks like Amazon has finally completely sold out. Visit the relevant page on Amazon and you’ll be greeted with the following message: Sign up to be notified when this item becomes […]

Sony expecting PS4 to sell-out

Sony says that the number of pre-orders placed so far for the Playstation 4 is higher than anything it’s seen in the last 20 years, and that since August 5 it has been advising retailers not to guarantee “Day One” shipments of consoles to any customer wishing to pre-order. The problem with pre-orders, which is […]

European Xbox One pre-orders receive free copy of FIFA 14

Microsoft’s Gamescom showcase event is over and we’re still bringing you all the details (just check the front page for recent news), but it was revealed that every pre-order for a Xbox One console made in Europe will include a free copy of FIFA 14 when it ships. And if you’ve already made an order, […]

Xbox One pre-orders ahead of Xbox 360 for same period

Is the Xbox One running away with the ball? Today Aaron Greenberg and Major Nelson have both tweeted that pre-orders for the Xbox One are trending ahead of Xbox 360 pre-orders for the same time period. Just found out #XboxOne preorders are trending ahead of Xbox 360 preorders during the same time period + sold […]