PS4 Will Get 2 PS+ Games a Month from Now On

Changes are coming to PlayStation Plus, but not the sort that should make you worry. In fact, for PS4 users, one of these changes should be quite welcome indeed. Unlike in previous months, where only one game in the PS+ lineup was for the PS4, each month’s games will now be evenly divided between Sony’s […]

New Driveclub Video, PS+ Controversy is Resolved

Just when we thought the controversy surrounding the free PS+ version of Driveclub was over, Evolution Studios dropped a bombshell: for $49.99, you could upgrade your PS+ version to the full version of the game, but you would still only have access to it for as long as you were a PS+ subscriber. It would […]

You Can Get Platinum Trophy in PS+ Version of Driveclub

There has been some confusion over the free Playstation Plus version of Driveclub, so we hope we can clear things up. Back when Driveclub was first announced, there were very few details available about the content in the free version available to PS+ subscribers, but a lot people got the impression that it would be […]

New Driveclub Trailer and PS+ Version Details

As promised, new information has been released about the PS4-exclusive Driveclub. When its release date (October 7, which is definitely shaping up to be a big day for video game releases) was announced, Game Director Paul Rustchynsky said we’d have to wait until this week to hear details about the frame rate. Driveclub will run […]

PS4 Puzzle Game Stick it to the Man! Comes to PS+ in May

If you didn’t know the bizarre puzzle game called Stick it to the Man! was a PS4 title, we aren’t surprised, as it isn’t out yet. Stick it to the Man! was previously available on the PC, PS3, and Vita, but now it’s on its way to the PS4 (and the Wii U). It releases […]

February: Games with Gold vs PlayStation Plus

Both Microsoft and Sony will be offering a selection of new titles to their subscribers over the month of February, and we have both lists for you to consider and compare. If you aren’t familiar with these services, Xbox Live players that subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, as well as Sony Entertainment Network (PlayStation Network) […]

PS+ free games for December revealed

Sony has just released details of the free games that Playstation Plus (PS+) subscribers can expect for the month of December. The free games for the PS4 were actually already known – owners of Sony’s next generation console will be able to grab both Resogun and Contrast for free in December. Plus there’s also price […]

Playstation Plus (PS+) subscriptions $30 at Amazon on Black Friday

Those of you looking for a Playstation Plus subscription are in luck, Amazon are going to be selling them for just $30 on Black Friday – a discount of $20 off the normal price. We shouldn’t really have to recount the numerous benefits of having a PS+ subscription, but quickly – you get free games […]

Playstation bonuses in PS4 retail boxes

If you live in the United States or Canada and will be picking up a new PS4 console in the next few months then you can also expect to receive some bonus goodies too. Sony has just announced that every new Playstation 4 retail package will include the following: $10 credit for the Playstion Store […]

PS+ for online PS4 set to make Sony billions

Sony looks set to reap billions of dollars by introducing Playstation Plus as a requirement in order to play games online with the PS4. Research firm IHS Electronics and Media has run the numbers and says that Sony should generate $1.2 billion courtesy of the PS+ service in the year 2017 and at least one […]