Turtle Beach Plans Official PS4 Headsets

January 8, 2014 by Cheats.co Staff - 1 Comment


Players will soon be able to use official headsets with their PlayStation 4 consoles. When the system launched back in November, many players were put out that it was incompatible with their old headsets. Since then, people have discovered workarounds to make certain headsets work, and some newer headsets work with the PS4, but nothing official has been released.

Now, however, Turtle Beach has announced a new partnership with Sony. They will unveil their official PS4 gaming headsets this summer. Some players are disappointed that the headsets won’t be made by Sony, but Turtle Beach is a big name in audio technology.

A few details have already been revealed. There will be at least two different headset models—a special tournament-grade model and a less expensive model suitable for most players. Although they are being officially made for the PS4, they will also with Sony’s handheld console, the PS Vita.

The PS4 has been quite successful, so the headsets are sure to be big sellers.

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