Titanfall Installation on Xbox One Requires Upto 40 GB

With the newly announced Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which is already available to be preordered, we’ve learned some new details about the game. The image of the box (above) names the requirements to run Titanfall, namely Xbox Live Gold and “up to 40 GB.” Since the download itself is supposed to be around 17 GB, […]

Digital Xbox One games will be available on release day

This is probably the shortest news post we’ve ever done here at (Xbox) One Cheats, but it concerns a much-asked and very important question. Will Xbox One games be available as digital downloads from the day the are released in retail stores? Simply: Yes! @its_Rehab_Time_ All Xbox One titles will be available as digital downloads […]

PS4 game data install order can be altered dynamically

Tidbits of information concerning many of the PS4’s “smaller features” continue to dribble out, the latest concerning the order in which game data is downloaded and installed on your console. You can check out our previous coverage on the matter here (including an overview). Based on the popularity of particular parts of a game (i.e. […]

Xbox One has play as you download too

Just like their Playstation 4 owning friends, Xbox One gamers will be able to start playing their games while they’re still being downloaded to the console, Microsoft has confirmed. In a statement to Engadget Microsoft said: Once the required data -– a fraction of the entire game -– is on [a consumer’s] hard drive, they […]

New PS4 tech enables almost instant access to game library

The good news keeps on coming for the PS4, with the latest being that you’ll be able to access your game collection on any Playstation 4 console (such as your friend’s). What’s more, with new “Play As You Download” technology, you won’t have to wait for the entire game to download and install before you […]