Free FIFA 14 offer for EU limited to Day One editions only

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If you’re in the EU and were looking forward to getting a free copy of FIFA 14 with your Xbox One pre-order, then I hope you got the Day One edition of the console, because Microsoft has come out and clarified that it’s the only edition that will get the free game. If you’ve only ordered the standard edition, you won’t be getting FIFA 14 – free at least!

To quote what Phil Harrison, Microsoft corporate VP previously said:

All pre-orders for Xbox One this holiday will include a copy of FIFA 14 at no extra cost.

The official Xbox Twitter account even said the same thing:

@Ianoconnor22 All pre-orders come with FIFA 14 in Europe, Ian. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Day One console or not.— Xbox (@Xbox) August 27, 2013

Now, you’d think based on those statements that ANY pre-order for a Xbox One would get the free game right? Apparently not. Another person, this time Microsoft social marketing manager Graeme Boyd, just tweeted the following:

Given that the original Xbox Twitter account tweet above has now been deleted, it’s safe to say that this is Microsoft’s official position… for now.

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No plans for free game with Xbox One pre-order outside EU

September 1, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


A week or so back we posted that if you pre-order a Xbox One in Europe, you’ll also receive a free copy of FIFA 14 with your console. That still stands.

The thing is that we’ve been wondering the whole time what pre-order-ers in other parts of the world (ie the United States, Australia, etc) will get as a bonus if they’ve pre-ordered an Xbox One.

The answer is nothing.

Someone posed the question to Major Nelson (director of programming for Xbox at Microsoft) via reddit:

Hi MajorNelson,
Are there any plans for preorder bonuses (like FIFA 14 in EU) in other regions?

Who responded (unfortunately) as follows:

There is not

While it certainly would have been nice for Microsoft to extend the free game offer to other parts of the world, we don’t think that not doing so will do too much damage in terms of people now not buying an Xbox One whereas they would have before.

It wouldn’ve be good, but this isn’t changing our views on the console!

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