Reports of bricked PS4 consoles start rolling in

November 14, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


As more and more PS4s find their way to new owners we’re unfortunately getting quite a few reports of bricked consoles, and most of the issues appear to relate to either the HDMI port on the device or its hard-drive.

This thread on Reddit has a handy breakdown of the reported issues (as does this Pastebin post), and as you’ll see while a lot of the bricked console reports appear to come from people who won a free PS4 via the Taco Bell contest, there are others too, including from gaming publications such as IGN, GiantBomb and Kotaku.

Sony itself has weighed in on the issue both officially and unofficially. First it said that only 0.04% of pre-launch units that have shipped to date have been reported as defective. Meanwhile SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida also acknowledged the issues via Twitter with the following:

If you want to minimize the chances of your console bricking when you update it to 1.50 (or even bricking full stop) then we recommend following this guide to updating the software on the console.

And if you do brick, we recommend visiting the official PS4 support forums at Sony, or otherwise following some of the suggestions we’ve outlined in this post.

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How to potentially fix your bricked or faulty Playstation 4

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If you’ve got a non-responsive PS4 then the first thing we recommend you do is visit the official Playstation 4 support forums operated by Sony. This is the link.

If you want to follow our unofficial, non-warranted advice then you do so solely at your own risk! That said, here is something that has worked for some people – putting the console into safe mode and then recovering the operating system.

  1. Turn off the Playstation 4.
  2. Take out the hard-drive. Follow this guide to do so.
  3. Turn on the PS4. It should boot into “safe mode” and request you insert a hard-drive (after turning it off).
  4. So turn off the console, re-insert the HDD and turn it on again.
  5. The PS4 shoud boot into safe-mode again and start recovering the operating system itself.
  6. When it finishes it should reboot into the normal operating system/UI automatically.

Warning: never remove or insert the hard-drive will your PS4 is turned on! Good luck!

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