Games with Gold Titles Announced for March

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February is almost over, and Microsoft has announced the next month’s titles for Games with Gold.

All month long, Xbox One owners who are members of Xbox Live Gold will be able to pick up Rayman Legends for free. This colorful platformer is one of the best rated Xbox One games, praised for its gameplay, local co-op mode, level design, and more.

Remember, unlike with the Xbox 360 version of the program, you’ll only be able to play this game for as long as you maintain your Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Games with Gold will be even better once March ends. In April, two Xbox One games will be included instead of just one. It sounds as though this increase in free games may be special for April, but we can always hope it’s a lasting change.

Join us in the comments below with your thoughts on Games with Gold and if you’re planning to download Rayman Legends.

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Spring Fever Brings 8 Weeks of PlayStation Plus Deals

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If you’re familiar with PlayStation Plus, you might remember that every March, Sony holds a Spring Fever event with special promotions and discounts. This year, Spring Fever won’t last just four weeks, but eight!

Eight new releases will be on sale for PS Plus members for a limited amount of time during Spring Fever:

  • Helldivers (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, with cross buy) – $17.99 from March 3-9
  • Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, with cross buy) – $13.49 from March 10-16
  • Jamestown+ (PS4) – $10.79 from March 17-23
  • Metal Slug 3 (PS4, PS3, PS Vita, with cross buy) – $13.49 from March 24-30
  • Axiom Verge (PS4, with cross buy once the PS Vita version launches) – $17.99 from March 31 – April 6
  • Bastion (PS4, with cross buy once the PS Vita version launches) – $13.49 from April 7-13
  • Titan Souls (PS4 and PS Vita, with cross buy) – $8.99 from April 14-20
  • Shovel Knight (PS4, PS3, and PS Vita, with cross buy) – $13.49 from April 21-27

Those are some excellent deals, but the Spring Fever sale doesn’t stop there. Other popular franchises will also be discounted during these eight weeks:

  • March 3-9 – LEGO (and the Hobbit movies)
  • March 10-16 – Saints Row (and the X-Men movies)
  • March 17-23 – Assassin’s Creed (and the Transformers movies)
  • March 23-30 – God of War (and the Spider-Man movies)
  • March 31 – April 6 – Batman (and the Batman movies)
  • April 7-13 – Dragon Age (and the LEGO movies)
  • April 14-20 – Grand Theft Auto (and the Planet of the Apes movies)
  • April 21-27 – Call of Duty (and the Taken movies)

Keep your eye on the PlayStation Blog as we head into March for the full details on these sales.

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Sweet Xbox One Deals at Amazon

February 3, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you have an Xbox One and are looking for some new games to play, Amazon has several great deals on Xbox One games right now. First, there are a few preorder deals:

All of these games come with Amazon’s guarantee that if the price of the game decreases between the time you order it and the time it releases, you will be charged the lower price.

Next, there are several deals on games that are already out:

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Amazon Cyber Monday deals include Xbox One & PS4 offerings

December 1, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


Amazon’s deals for Cyber Monday will include at least some Xbox One and Playstation 4 items in addition to dozens of current-generation (Xbox 360 and PS3) games, accessories and console offerings.

Make sure you check out Amazon’s Cyber Monday video game deal hub here and take a look at what’s currently on offer. Note that the page is expected to be updated as information on more details is released. Currently you can also take a look at what deals are currently known and when you can expect them to go live.

The only next-gen (Xbox One and PS4) deals currently available all relate to Skylanders, but hopefully that will be expanded upon shortly. Otherwise if you still game on your current gen system or PC, there is dozens of good games going cheap.


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Microsoft Store’s sweet Xbox Black Friday deals

November 28, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you’re looking for Black Friday deals then might we suggest you check out the official Microsoft Store (crazy, we know!).

Here’s the sorts of Xbox (both 360 and One) deals you can expect for Black Friday:

  • Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag – $33.99
  • Battlefield 4 – $38.99
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – $39.99 (360) | $49.99 (X1)
  • FIFA 14 – $24.99
  • Gears of War: Judgment – $19.99
  • GTA V – $39.99
  • Madden NFL 25 – $24.99
  • Minecraft – $9.99
  • Skylanders Swap Force – $38.99

Not too shabby huh? Click here to head to the Microsoft Store and have fun shopping!

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