Resident Evil Village Enemies, Story Hints

The trailers for Resident Evil Village have left fans with many questions about what will happen in the newest Resident Evil game, as discussed in our overview after the announcement trailer, and now Capcom has revealed a few more details regarding things seen in the second trailer. The latest issue of Famitsu includes a feature […]

Everything We Know About Resident Evil 8

One of the exciting surprises at Sony’s PlayStation 5 showcase event was the official announcement of Resident Evil 8, or rather, Resident Evil Village, as the first few letters of “village” have been stylized to look like the Roman numeral VIII. Few details have been revealed about the next Resident Evil game, but the announcement […]

Capcom Reveals Future Plans and Deep Down Screenshots

We don’t know very much about Capcom’s upcoming PS4-exclusive dungeon crawler, Deep Down, but the game’s official Twitter account posted two HD screenshots the other day, along with an announcement that the public beta will be sometime this summer. The announcement specifically mentioned more information would be coming in June, so maybe we’ll be learning […]

New Strider Game Coming

Capcom has decided to revive one of its old IPs, as a new Strider game was announced today at San Diego Comic-Con. Strider is being developed by Double Helix, the same company working on the new Killer Instinct, and it will be released in early 2014 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation […]