PS4 BluRay Remote Available for Pre-order

February 17, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment

It wasn’t too long ago that we learned about an upcoming Media Remote for the Xbox One, and now a DreamGear PS4 BluRay Remote has appeared on EB Games.


The item is listed with a release date of April 22, and it costs $19.99. According to the product details, it is battery-powered and allows users to navigate menus across various media applications, as well as on the DVDs/Blu-ray discs themselves. While its layout contains more buttons than the previously mentioned Media Remote, it still looks like an easy interface to work with.

EB Games and Gamestop both also have a listing for a Nyko PS4 Media Remote Control, which is priced the same as the remote at EB Games, but has a release date of April 15, and has a somewhat simpler design.


We haven’t seen any sign yet of an official Sony remote for the PS4, but if you’re interested in getting one, you’ll at least have a couple of options to choose from.

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PS3 Blu-ray remote not compatible with PS4

October 2, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


We’ve got some bad news for those of you particularly attached to your Playstation 3 Blu-ray remotes – they will not be compatible with the Playstation 4.

The news comes directly from the horses mouth (SCE President Shuhei Yoshida) who is actually very vocal on Twitter. As we’ve posted previously, Yoshida-san is often the source of new tidbits of information on the PS4.

Follow him on Twitter here.

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