Battlefield 4: Soon You’ll Be Able to Rent a Server

March 10, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


A manager on the Battlelog service has confirmed that soon you’ll be able to rent a server for Battlefield 4. Although he did not have a definite release date, he advised fans to watch the Control Room and Battlefield blog for updates. Of course, we’ll let you know if we hear anything, as well.

Rented servers will be most helpful to players who always play on a specific map or who have specific game rules they like to follow. Battlefield 4 has had a lot of difficulties since its launch, but maybe this is just the thing to revive interest in its online multiplayer. Still, the news has been met with mixed feelings, as some fans have had poor encounters with server moderators in the past.

Where do you fall on the issue? Do you think this is a good move, or will this lessen your enjoyment of the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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Weapons & Assignments for Battlefield 4’s Naval Strike DLC

March 4, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Although the Naval Strike DLC won’t be out for a while yet (March 18 for Premium players and April 1 for everyone else), today’s PS4 update revealed the weapons and assignments it will contain.

There are five new guns:

  • Assault: AR160 (5.56×45, 30 rounds, 700 RPM)
  • Engineer: SR-2 (9x21mm, 30 rounds, 900 RPM)
  • Support: AWS (5.56×45, 100 rounds, 800 RPM)
  • Recon: SR338 (.338, 10 rounds, semi-automatic)
  • All-Kit: SW40 (.357, 6 rounds, revolver)

There are two new gadgets:

  • M320 3GL (Assault), which fires three 40mm grenades, and the AA Mine (Engineer), an Anti-Air Mine triggered by flying vehicles with its detection radius.

If you want any of these items, you’ll have to complete new assignments to get them. The seven new assignments are:
Spare time Sniper, to get the AR160

  • Assault Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 20 headshots with Assault Rifles

Packing a Punch, to get the SR-2

  • Destroy 20 boats

Swiss Cheese, to get the AWS

  • LMG ribbon x3
  • Destroy 3 vehicles as Support

Always Deadly, to get the SR338

  • Sniper Rifle ribbon x3
  • Get 5 kills with C4 on NS maps

Curve Ball, to get the SW40

  • Get 10 kills with an Impact Grenade

Multi Tool, to get the M320 3GL

  • Get 10 kills with UGL Darts
  • Get 10 kills with UGL LVG

Death from Below, to get the AA Mine

  • PDW ribbon x3
  • Destroy 5 attack air vehicles with Rocket Launchers

Finally, there are four new knives, Dive, Tactical, BJ-2, and Precision, all of which have their own properties and allow you to steal opponents’ dogtags.

You can check out some screenshots of the new weapons and also watch a brief video showing off the assignments, although it is in German.

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DICE Addresses Battlefield 4’s Netcode Issues

March 3, 2014 by Staff - Leave a comment


Battlefield 4 has suffered more than its share of problems. The most common are the “netcode issues,” which include glitches, latency compensation problems, and more. Today, DICE released an update explaining their steps to improve the situation.

They have already improved the latency compensation and fixed some of the rubber banding issues. They also fixed a glitch where the game’s kill card displayed an active opponent as having 0 health, collision mistakes where it was impossible to shoot past a broken object, PC bugs with vanishing crosshairs and hit markers, and inconsistent bullet impact sounds. They also have added an icon to notify players when they are killed by a headshot, to reduce confusion over whether one-hit kills are correct, or produced by glitches.

They are still working on the remaining rubber banding issue, glitches with the kill camera and other features being out of sync with the player’s death, a bug where weapons stop inflicting damage, a physics glitch in which sprinting could lead to sudden death, and several other issues. They are also considering increasing how often the game’s world is updated on certain servers.

Finally, they added two new icons to Battlefield 4 to make problems clearer. One is a clock icon that will appear on your screen when you are experiencing network lag. The other is an icon made up of four squares, which means your connection is losing information between you and the server. Both of these should help you understand what might be causing problems in your game session.

You can read DICE’s full post to learn all the details of their fixes and planned fixes. It’s sad that Battlefield 4 has had so many problems, and we hope they can straighten it out soon.

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EA rumored to offer free DLC as compensation for BF4 issues

December 22, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you play Battlefield 4, or have been keeping up with recent news, then you’ll know that until recently it’s pretty much been an absolute shambles on both the Xbox One and Playstation 4, as well as the PC.

While the problems appear to be fixed now (several patches later…), the only compensation that affected gamers have received is a week long period of double XP rewards as well as a pistol scope. There was also reports of Microsoft allowing people to return the Xbox One version of the game for a refund, but we were unable to confirm those directly ourselves.

Both Electronic Arts and DICE have been facing some pretty heated gamer wrath over the last few weeks and EA is even being sued over the matter (something to do with it being a publicly traded company and apparently making false financial representations based on Battlefield 4 sales). There are at least two lawsuits that we’re aware of.

The latest twist in this ongoing saga is a rumor that EA is about to offer some free downloadable content (DLC) as a kind of apology to gamers. In terms of what DLC is could be, there is the China Rising DLC – but everyone who pre-ordered the game will have access to that anyway. Then there is the Second Assault DLC – it could very well be that, or otherwise EA might even let you select which DLC you wish to receive free.

While this is strictly a rumor only at this stage, given the limited compensation that EA has given to gamers in relation to the problems so far, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a further peace offering announced at some stage soon. Stay tuned to and we’ll bring you any updates as soon as they’re announced!

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Amazing new FFXV screens and BF4 gameplay video

September 22, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

Time for a bit of next-generation gaming media. First up we have some brand new screenshots taken from Final Fantasy XV for the Playstation 4. While the detail is amazing and the shots are certainly impressive, we’re pretty sure that the second and third images are in fact CGI cut-scenes. But nevertheless they still look great!




Next up is some first-hand Playstation 4 gameplay footage of Battlefield 4. It’s not a direct feed which is a shame, but still looks very nice to us! BF4 definitely looks set to give Call of Duty: Ghosts a run for its FPS-money…

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Battlefield 4 for PS4 upgrade process and release date

September 15, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you plan on purchasing Battlefield 4 for you current generation Playstation 3 console and then upgrading it to the PS4 version once that console is released then you’ll need to watch out for specially marked retail copies of the PS3 version.

They’ll include a voucher code (good for one-time use) that will allow you to upgrade your game to the Playstation 4 digital version for a small fee. Upgrading to the digital version makes sense as it can all be done online and you won’t need to swap/trade discs.

The offer is likely to be popular with hardcore Battlefield 4 players who, if they pick up the PS3 version on October 29, will have just over two weeks extra time to hone their skills before the Playstation 4 is released and people can start playing the game on that console.

Just to confuse things, the PS4 version of Battlefield 4 will actually be available in stores from November 12 (although you obviously won’t be able to purchase a console to play it in until November 15 in the US and November 29 in the UK). The Xbox One version of BF4 will arrive on November 19.

PS: The open beta for Battlefield 4 on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 will start on October 1. If you are interested in participating, head over here.

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