Tell Sony What You Think of Test Prices for PS Now

June 23, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

PlayStation Now logo

Sony is currently under fire by a lot of fans because of the prices that have surfaced in the PlayStation Now beta. There is no sign of a subscription price yet, but sample prices have appeared for individual game rentals. PS Now has previously produced reactions ranging from excitement to skepticism, but this time, the reactions are mainly negative.

Examples prices seen include Final Fantasy XIII, with a four-hour rental for $2.99, a seven-day rental for $5.99, a 30-day rental for $7.99, and a 90-day rental for $14.99; and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, with a four-hour rental for $4.99, a seven-day rental for $6.99, a 30-day rental for $14.99, and a 90-day rental for $29.99. The most disturbing thing is that you can buy a retail copy of some of the games cheaper than the higher rental prices.

Still, fans have overreacted. These aren’t the final prices. Sony is testing the waters and welcomes feedback, as stated in the email announcement sent to beta members:

“Inside this first test, you will find a variety of rental prices and rental periods to choose from. These prices are ultimately decided on by the participating developers and publishers. Your feedback during this next phase of the Private Beta is extremely important, as we will be monitoring it closely.”

Beta testers can communicate with Sony through the normal beta feedback channels, but if you aren’t a tester and would like to make your opinion heard, you can contact Sony at [email protected]

PS Now has a lot of potential, with the chance of backwards compatibility, a new way to rent and demo games, and save data that works with the cloud–users have confirmed that data backed up to the cloud from your retail game can be accessed by the PlayStation Now game. With any luck, Sony will respond to the pricing backlash. After all, that’s what betas are for.

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PlayStation Now Enters Open Beta on July 31

June 17, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

PlayStation Now logo

At last, we’ll finally get a better look at PlayStation Now. The game streaming service, which is set to deliver streamed games for you to play on your PS4, PS3, PS Vita, and select TVs, has gotten many fans’ attention with the promise that you can play quality games you don’t own, either on a rental or subscription basis. Of course, it’s also raised concerns about how good the quality will be when it relies on a steady Internet connection.

We haven’t gotten to hear too much about PlayStation Now, as the lucky players who have been testing it in a closed beta for both the PS3 and PS4 have been bound by non-disclosure agreements. Other than the occasional leak, we’ve been in the dark.

But soon it will be in open beta (which means you can try it out without an invitation). Near the end of May, we heard some things that suggested an open beta for PS Now was on its way, and it was confirmed at E3. On July 31, PS4 owners will be able to try out PlayStation Now.

Are you going to try it? What are you looking forward to the most? Be sure to share your thoughts both now and when the beta begins.

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Battlefield Hardline Beta Is a Gift to E3 Theater-Goers

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Battlefield Hardline beta

You know how Sony is showing its E3 press conference in select theaters around the country? Well, if you attend, you’ll get more than just the experience of watching on the big screen. Sony promised gifts…and one of those gifts was either revealed or leaked today.

Fans who registered for the PlayStation E3 Experience received emails that thanked them for their attendance and gave them access to the beta for Battlefield Hardline, which was recently announced.

Since the codes aren’t actually available to these users yet, we suspect the emails were sent out by mistake. Still, this is pretty cool, and we wonder if there are other surprise gifts planned.

If you haven’t registered for this event and you want to, you’ll have found that all of the theaters are already sold out. There’s no guarantee that Sony will include more, but it’s been confirmed as a possibility.

We can’t wait to see what Sony has in store, and little bonuses like Battlefield beta access just make this idea all the more intriguing.

E3 is almost here, but if you can’t wait until then for more news about the PS4 (and Vita), we’d like to let you know about PlayStation’s Summer Fireworks, an event planned for June 6th in Japan. It will involve footage from certain Vita games, details on upcoming PS4 games, and digital fireworks, and it will be streamed through Nico Nico. It might not be translated, though, so you might not get much out of it if you don’t know Japanese. We’re interested, though, in whether there will be a lot of overlap between games featured at this event and at E3.

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Join the PS Now Open Beta This Summer

May 26, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


PlayStation Now, which will allow players to stream games to a variety of systems, has garnered a lot of attention. However, there’s still a good deal we don’t know about it, because players involved in the closed beta are bound by non-disclosure agreements. The beta started on the PS3 and recently spread to the PS4, but other than a few leaks related to load times, we’ve heard very little.

However, in a press release, Sony announced its intention “to start an open beta version of the PlayStation Now game streaming service this summer.”

This is the first we’ve heard of PlayStation Now getting an open beta, which would allow anyone with a PS3 or PS4 (or more systems, if it’s expanded further by then) to try it out and submit feedback. Would you be interested? With any luck, we’ll learn more at E3.

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PlayStation Now Beta on PS4, Invitations Sent

May 20, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


When a selection of PS3 games mysteriously appeared on the PS4 last week, we thought it might be a sign that the beta for PlayStation Now was on its way to another console. Well, if you have a PS4 and have been hoping to try out Sony’s game streaming service, we have good news.

Starting today, the beta program for PS Now has expanded to include the PlayStation 4. If you signed up to join the beta, you should check your email, because new invitations and vouchers have been sent out to both PS3 and PS4 players. And if you haven’t signed up yet, you still can.

PlayStation Now is an intriguing idea. Something about it suggests that it either won’t make an impact at all or will become the next great gaming innovation. And of course, it opens up the ever-present question of backwards compatibility…

What do you think lies in the future of PS Now?

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PS Now Beta Could Be On Its Way to PS4

May 14, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


We haven’t heard much about PlayStation Now lately. Sony’s streaming service is currently in beta testing, and since users are bound by non-disclosure agreements, it’s only through rare leaks that we get any information. The last thing we heard was that the load times for games are steadily improving. So far, the beta is only available on the PS3, but since the service is planned for other consoles, that should change eventually… and it could be soon.

Several PS3 games have appeared on the PS4 store: Dead Island Riptide, Ben 10 Omniverse, and MX vs ATV Alive were discovered by GameInformer, and Reddit users found The Last of Us, Far Cry 3, GTA V, Dead Space 3, Payday 2, and Diablo 3. All are listed as “free,” and none of them can actually be downloaded.

PS3 games on PS4

This could just be a random mistake, or it could be a mistake due to preparations for the PS4 to enter the PlayStation Now beta and allow players to stream certain PS3 games. What do you think it is?

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You’ll Be Able to Play the Destiny Beta in July

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Destiny screenshot 6

Well, we thought we’d have to wait until E3 to learn more about the Destiny beta, but while we still don’t have exact dates, Activision announced today that it will be sometime in July.

This was revealed during Activision’s financial earnings call, along with some other interesting pieces of information. Destiny appears to be setting preorder records for a new IP. Activision also referenced showing Destiny at E3 “with our great partner Sony,” so it sounds like we’ll get to see footage during Sony’s conference.

Activision earnings slide

The beta will also come to Sony’s consoles first, so PS3 and PS4 players will get to try it before Xbox 360 and Xbox One players. Share your thoughts on Destiny, E3, and the upcoming beta in the comments below.

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We’ve Seen Under 10% of Destiny, Beta Announcement at E3

May 2, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Destiny screenshot 7

New details about Destiny continue to emerge, including the answers to some of fans’ most important questions. For example, if you’re just dying to play competitively, we’ve learned that you won’t be able to do so right away. You have to play a couple of hours of the before PvP is unlocked, because Destiny’s developers found that without such a restriction in place, people testing the game in the studio would jump into PvP as soon as possible and “just get really beaten up by the other players because they didn’t have a super ability yet and they’d only got an auto rifle from the first mission,” which left them with a negative impression.

Destiny screenshot 12

Once you unlock PvP with one character, however, it will remain unlocked for your account, even when you create new characters.

Destiny screenshot 8

But as interesting as competitive gaming is, it isn’t the big issue fans have been wondering about. No, possibly the biggest Destiny question fans have right now is: “When do we get to play the beta?” Well, Bungie didn’t answer that question in the latest round of Q&A, but now we know when it will be answered.

Bungie will “release information about the beta” at E3, where they’ll also share new multiplayer details.

Destiny screenshot 9

Additionally, even though it feels like we’ve been hit with a flood of information about Destiny, we’ve barely seen anything. When asked what percentage of the game has been revealed, Bungie replied “it’s a single digit.” That’s fantastic, and we can’t wait to see what else this universe has in store.

Destiny screenshot 10

For now, you can check out the Q&A blog post to see more of the recent screenshots!

Destiny screenshot 11

What are your biggest questions about Destiny right now?

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Doom Beta Requires Xbox Live Gold, Coming to X1/PS4/PC

April 5, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment

Doom beta

Back when we first learned that preorders of Wolfenstein: The New Order would come with a beta for Doom, we believed the beta would be available for all consoles that Wolfenstein was available for, regardless of which the game would eventually come out on.

However, a new FAQ says very clearly that the beta “will only be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.” If you preorder the Xbox 360 version of Wolfenstein, you will get access to the Xbox One version of the Doom beta. If you preorder the PS3 version, you’ll get access to the PS4 version of the beta.

This is a disappointment for fans who have yet to get the next generation of consoles, and it may be a sign that Doom will not appear on the PS3 and Xbox 360, although Bethesda has been careful to not say that. We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case, however.

Additionally, the FAQ reveals that Xbox One players will need to have Gold to play the Doom beta, although PS4 players will not need PS+.

Are you planning to give it a try?

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FFXIV PS4 Bundle and Open Beta

April 1, 2014 by Samantha Lienhard - Leave a comment


It’s no joke, a special Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PS4 bundle is being released, at least in Japan. It’s available from the Japanese Sony store, and it’s limited edition. Only 1400 numbered units will be made. It will be released on April 14, but sadly, there is no news of this bundle being released in other regions. We’ll let you know if we hear anything.

Additionally, if you’ve been hoping to try out FFXIV on your PS4 before it launches, the final open beta begins this Friday, April 4, at 1 AM PDT, and it will last until April 7 at 1 AM PDT. All your data from this beta will be saved for you to take over to the full game.

If you participated in the first beta phase, you’ll need to uninstall the old client and download the new one from PSN.

Are you planning to join the beta, and are you interested in buying the full game?

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