Tell Sony What You Think of Test Prices for PS Now

Sony is currently under fire by a lot of fans because of the prices that have surfaced in the PlayStation Now beta. There is no sign of a subscription price yet, but sample prices have appeared for individual game rentals. PS Now has previously produced reactions ranging from excitement to skepticism, but this time, the … Read more

Battlefield Hardline Beta Is a Gift to E3 Theater-Goers

You know how Sony is showing its E3 press conference in select theaters around the country? Well, if you attend, you’ll get more than just the experience of watching on the big screen. Sony promised gifts…and one of those gifts was either revealed or leaked today. Fans who registered for the PlayStation E3 Experience received … Read more

You’ll Be Able to Play the Destiny Beta in July

Well, we thought we’d have to wait until E3 to learn more about the Destiny beta, but while we still don’t have exact dates, Activision announced today that it will be sometime in July. This was revealed during Activision’s financial earnings call, along with some other interesting pieces of information. Destiny appears to be setting … Read more

We’ve Seen Under 10% of Destiny, Beta Announcement at E3

New details about Destiny continue to emerge, including the answers to some of fans’ most important questions. For example, if you’re just dying to play competitively, we’ve learned that you won’t be able to do so right away. You have to play a couple of hours of the before PvP is unlocked, because Destiny’s developers … Read more

Doom Beta Requires Xbox Live Gold, Coming to X1/PS4/PC

Back when we first learned that preorders of Wolfenstein: The New Order would come with a beta for Doom, we believed the beta would be available for all consoles that Wolfenstein was available for, regardless of which the game would eventually come out on. However, a new FAQ says very clearly that the beta “will … Read more