Sony Says PS4 Supply Will Be Limited Until April

Last Updated: February 21, 2014


By now, it’s no secret that the PS4 has had phenomenal success. Its sales are so high some potential customers have been frustrated by the fact that it keeps going out of stock very quickly. According to Fergal Gara, the Playstation UK managing director, the supply will remain limited until April.

He said the sales numbers shocked everyone. Sony wasn’t expecting such overwhelming demand. He said that as the PS4’s launch approached, he and others at Sony kept wondering “if some of these pre-orders were real.”

As such, they’re having some problems making enough PS4 consoles available. He thinks the in-stock, out-of stock cycle will keep going until sometime around April, at which point there will be a ready supply again.

It’s kind of crazy—in a way, this is bad news, since you might still have difficulty getting your hands on a PS4, but on the other hand, it’s yet another testament to how well the PS4 is doing.