Sony to offer PS3 to PS4 game trade-up program

August 20, 2013 by Staff - 2 Comments


Both GameStop and Amazon have already announced Xbox 360 to Xbox One “trade-up” programs for Microsoft’s next-generation console, and now Sony has also revealed some details for its own “trade-up” plan.

Rather than going through a third party retailer however, it looks like the whole thing will run from within Sony. Speaking at Gamescom today, Andrew House (SCEI chief executive) said that gamers who purchase select PS3 titles will have the ability to upgrade to the PS4 version for a “significantly discounted price”.

The program will run for a limited time and the following games have been confirmed as being included, so far: Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Watch Dogs.

Unfortunately no other details are available yet, including what the process will be and whether the offer will be available worldwide.

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2 responses to “Sony to offer PS3 to PS4 game trade-up program”

  1. Goldenpins says:

    I have a guess this is only for digital downloads. Than anyone could just borrow a game and install it on the PS3 and get a discounted PS4 version. No way to track it. The source has to be controlled, and no way to do that if its just a PSN ID or receipt.

  2. ethan says:

    Goldenpins youre completely wrong. Look a little deeper people. They dont care if you download your ps3 game before you trade it in.
    The people who make the rules for how much games can be have put the cap at $59.99.
    So 1 new ps3 Call of duty for $60.
    And 1 new ps4 COD for $60.
    So youre a huge COD fan with a ps3 planning to get a ps4 on the release date and you decide you need to gain prestige quick so you buy in to Sony’s “trade-up” program and purchase COD for your ps3.
    Thats you with a game.
    Thats Sony with 60 bucks.
    You game hard for a couple weeks and when the time comes you go in to pick up your shiny new ps4 and trade in your old ps3 COD for a brand new Ps4 COD at a modest charge of maybe $15.
    Not only have you now paid $75 for a $60 game, but you have also forfeited your game.
    Thats you with a game.
    Thats Sony with $75 and a game. They turn around and sell that game used to an unfortunate ps3 handler then bam.
    Sony just came up $120 from you “trading up”.

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