Sony Might Have 5 “Megaton” Announcements for E3

Last Updated: May 31, 2014

Sony Megaton

There are a lot of rumors and theories circulating about E3, but this is one of the most interesting (and credible). There is a NeoGAF user called DemonNite who is generally accepted to be a Sony developer, although no one knows who he really is. In the past, he’s teased things that have been true, and fans generally hold more faith in him than in other “insiders.”

Today, DemonNite uploaded a very strange video and later mentioned on NeoGAF that there was an Easter egg in the video. Take a look.

Now, if you’ve seen Tron: Legacy, you’ll recognize the video footage, but there are a few differences. First, Sony’s Kaz Hirai is in the scene, and the dialogue has been changed to be about Sony and E3. Second, the disk has “E3 2014 Megatons” written on it. Third, after the disk is placed on Hirai’s back, you can hear five distinct beeps. If you compare it to the original scene from the movie, the beeps have clearly been added.

Most fans believe this means Sony has five “megaton” announcements planned for E3. Since DemonNite isn’t speaking as an official source, we have to consider this a rumor, although it would explain why Sony thinks its conference deserves the big screen.

Do you believe this is a sign that Sony has five major announcements to make? What do you think they are? What do you hope they are?