$150 to “ks icey” – September Competition Winner

October 9, 2018 by Cheats.co Staff - Leave a comment

Congratulations to our monthly competition winner ks icey!

He’s received $150 for submitting his ‘Fortnite Top Tips’. You can check them out here.

Fortnite is HUGE, well actually it gets smaller as you play, but you know what I mean, it’s very popular. From his hints you can tell that ‘ks’ plays a lot.

What’s your favorite console ks?

What’s your current favorite game?
“Fortnite” (obviously) but I’m also a fan of CS:GO on my PC

What’s the best gaming ‘cheat’ you’ve ever found, read about and used?
“There isn’t any REAL cheats for Fortnite by my best advice is don’t believe any websites which want you to download something which gives you aimbots/unlimited coins etc etc. They will only infect your device. Instead get readers tips from Cheats.co 😉 or your favorite youtuber!”

How will you be spending your prize loot?
“Buying Black Ops 4 and maybe some Razer LED lights for my PC!”

Our monthly competition is still going and there’s opportunity to win again this month.

Don’t worry if you’re under 18, just get the permission of your parent or guardian and we’ll deliver your prize. Checkout the full rules / terms here.

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