A Second Destiny Loot Cave Appears

Last Updated: September 26, 2014


Well, the loot cave didn’t just appear. Like the previous popular loot-farming point in Destiny, this cave in Old Earth’s Rocketyard is a location where you can kill respawning enemies over and over again to get a lot of rare drops in a short period of time. All players have to do is keep their distance, and the enemies will continue to appear.

The original loot cave, found at Skywatch, was patched in a recent Destiny update. We bet this new one won’t be around much longer, either.

In the meantime, though, players can follow the lead of PS4Trophies and collect as much loot as they want.

Fans are divided on this issue. Some support Bungie and say this needs to be fixed. Others would happily spend hours outside the loot cave. Where do you fall? Share your thoughts in the comments below.