Scammers start messaging on PSN

Last Updated: December 16, 2013


Scammers are beginning to appear on the Playstation Network as evidenced by the message screenshot you can see above. The grammar is extremely poor and the message itself barely makes sense, but essentially if you send the person your PSN email and password then it says you’ll be “rewarded” with $40 and the game of your choice…

While we don’t expect many people to fall for this trick it is possible that some might, at least early on while the scam is not that well-known (and is also unexpected). If you do, then change your password immediately and check your bank/credit card/PSN transactions.

You should also contact Sony straight away if you happen to receive a message like that above and report the relevant user, that way we can hopefully put a stop to these scams before they get out of hand or become more widespread.