Some rumors regarding the Xbox One launch and SDK

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Like any well-informed gamer we’re sure you’ve been following the pre-launch progress of the Playstation 4 in addition to that of the Xbox One. In fact you might have even heard several rumors that the PS4 will arrive in October, just before the Xbox One’s launch in November.

More “evidence” in favor of that scenario has recently come to light with infamous NeoGAF poster “crazy buttocks on a train” (aka CBAOT) giving us some fresh dirt on the two consoles. Briefly, for those who don’t know, CBAOT has on several previous occasions leaked some pretty accurate inside knowledge and likes to post in confusing language to try and avoid having gaming sites quote him (well, at least the reputable ones – haha).

This is all still very much rumor and unverified, however it does make for some interesting reading… His full post can be found here, but we’ve pasted the important bits, with accompanying translation, below.

On the Xbox One SDK (software development kit)

no live strm for real easons. xbone arcitectu re stil not fuly complet. laterst verson of SDK coupl of weeks ago edropeed d performeance by 15–20% acros teg board. NOW B4 YO^USG ET MAD AT ME XBOTTLES this hapens AL THE TIEM in tconsel dvelopmetn and ist wll evetnaly be fix but nochance for erly oct orelaese or…

Translation: There is no live stream of the Xbox One just yet as the architecture is not complete. The latest version of the Xbox One SDK dropped performance by 15-20% across the board (which happens all the time), but it will be fixed. There is no chance of an early release in October for the Xbox One.

On the delayed launch in some European countries

..cetain ly notfor al 21 countries. laco zation is abstlut one hguenrd percnt BS. peridd. TRUTHFACT. excuswe nobvdy with comn senes would considre. lok at coutriews droped. Crosf referce against langaues spoken, ofical and otherwi#sE int saidoe coutnreis. Isaidid yieild tissueses 2 mos ago and the chiks navhe come homet t0 oro0ost. Nnknock ons for lauch tittle, l Ssmartlgasls, etc. Instad of 180s 1coherent vision. Pay|n pric enow.

Translation: He says that the localization excuse for delaying the Xbox One launch in some European countries is not true. Instead the problem is to do with chip yield issues and Microsoft not having a coherent single strategy from the start.

On the PS4 launch date:

late oct laucnh for ps4.SONY SDKis rede ,ucan basicaly master2 final rigt now.Today.

Translation: The PS4 will be launch in late October and the PS4 SDK is basically final.

Translations thanks to PS4 Cheats.

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5 responses to “Some rumors regarding the Xbox One launch and SDK”

  1. Brad Myers says:

    MS need to sort their $hit out and get this thing launched on time to compete with the PS4…

  2. DEEEEJ says:

    This guy is legendary… this is more likely to be true than not!!

  3. Ghậyath Alkubaisi says:

    it stills a rumor 🙂
    so keep claim and wait

  4. Dameon Percival says:

    Interesting everyone seems to know what is going on at MS, they know the Internet will eat up anything negative about MS, lol the game industry has gone to shit.

  5. shark_tsuki says:

    Microsoft should focus on quality rather than rushing to the market again.

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