Rumors Fly About Titanfall’s Xbox One Resolution

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The resolution of games on the Xbox One seems to be one of the biggest video game controversies these days, and now Titanfall is in the thick of things. You wouldn’t think a single game could spark so many rumors about just its resolution, but we’ve got a lot of different numbers to speculate about.

Titanfall’s beta, which was open to the public and received with much enthusiasm, ran on the Xbox One at a resolution of 792p. Respawn said the plan was for the full game to run at 900p.

Yesterday, a supposed inside source, one CBoaT (an infamous NeoGAF leaker), claimed to have learned that Titanfall would actually run at only 720p at launch, actually dropping from the beta’s resolution. We’d take anything he says with even more skepticism than usual, as the beta already proved him wrong in his assertion that Titanfall’s alpha textures were what we’d see in the final game.

Respawn’s Community Manager Abbie Heppe and an Epic Games employee on Reddit have also both refuted CBoaT’s rumor. According to them, it will definitely be higher than 720p. Pete “Famousmortimer” Dodd, an insider known for reliability, also joined them, saying that he believes Titanfall will run at 792p or better.

Meanwhile, a user on the Titanfall community, “DucatiRossi46,” claims to have inside knowledge that Respawn and EA hope to release two patches after Titanfall’s release that will raise its resolution to 1080p.

So, just what resolution will Titanfall have—720p, 792p, 900p, or 1080p? Right now we’d bet on one of the latter three, but really, we’re sure it’ll be a good game no matter what its resolution is.

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