Respawn’s Plans for Titanfall

Last Updated: March 16, 2014


Titanfall has already been out for a few days, and so far it has met with high praise and success. Of course, fans have been asking all sorts of questions about it, so here are a few things we learned.

According to Respawn’s Vince Zampella, you’ll eventually be able to give names to your custom loadouts. He also confirmed that fixes are in the work for some issues with the PC version.

Respawn’s Drew McCoy also answered some questions. In particular, he said a companion app for the game is in the works and will be ready soon. Although he didn’t give any details, the question was specifically about a SmartGlass/iOS/Android app from which players could access their loadout, stats, mini-map.

Future patches will fix chat issues, enhance multiplayer lobbies, implement private lobbies, and more. When asked when they would increase the frame rate on the Xbox One, he said, “Maybe never,” as their top priority is the game’s performance.

He also mentioned that there are no plans to up the player count for a match.

Do you have any questions about Titanfall? Check out the rest of McCoy’s answers and consider leaving a question of your own.