Some PSN accounts hacked due to FIFA 14 trading cards?

December 5, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment


If you’re a Playstation gamer then you’ll probably know that your PSN password was reset last week by Sony. Apparently this was due to some “irregular activity” that they spotted.

More details have now emerged and it appears that the security scare was actually due to the trading card system in FIFA 14. Apparently because you can purchasing the trading cards from within the game itself, using real money, it has been targeted by hackers… and as a result some PSN users have seen charges that they didn’t authorise being added to their accounts.

We guess that the problem is because people are setting up a password on their consoles, and probably want something short and easy… hence making it easy pickings for a hacker. The lesson is you still need a strong password whatever you’re doing!

Here’s a couple of tweets sent out by people who appear to have been affected by the problem…

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