PS4 and Xbox One consoles attacked over 34K times each day

Last Updated: December 17, 2013


Update: The report prepared by Kapersky Labs was incorrectly interpreted by Consumer Affairs. The “34,000” attacks per day figure noted below actually refers to attacks against all gaming devices, including the PC. This is in fact much more believable given all the fake torrents and key generators out there, particularly for PC games.

Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles are the subject of an estimated 34,000 attacks each and every day according to a new report prepared by security company Kapersky Labs and published by Consumer Affairs.

Apparently the country where most attacks originate from is Spain, which sent out a total of 138,786 attacks during the length of the study. Next on the “most likely to try hack you country list” was Poland with 127,509 attacks and then Italy with 75,080 attacks.

Particularly in this day and age, with many systems being “always on” (in particular the Xbox One) there is definitely a need for gamers to be extra vigilant in terms of ensuring the security of their consoles and personal information. In fact we only just posted this story of scam message starting to filter through the PSN.

We’ve just seen two of the biggest console launches ever, with the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One/ That means there will be more gamers for criminals to target, especially as the Sony and Microsoft machines increasingly use the Internet for a fuller gaming experience. And don’t forget the PC, still the most popular gaming platform and cyber crooks’ favorite target.

In terms of all gaming systems (not just the PS4 and X1) Kapersky said that there is over 4.6 million pieces of malware that are focused on targeting them. One game in particular that garnered a lot of attention (and fake torrent downloads) this year was Grand Theft Auto V. Just goes to show you can never be too careful, and don’t click dodgy looking links!