PS4 release date rumor round-up

June 16, 2013 by Staff - Leave a comment

Today several rumors are flying around concerning the release date of the PS4 console.

According to a supplier of wholesale video game products in California, the release date for the Playstation 4 will be Tuesday November 26 this year – see the image below (which has been circulating the net as “evidence”). It is common practice for retailers to put in placeholder dates for product releases, but this is the first “firm” release date that has ever been suggested. Obviously more evidence is needed, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Apparently the supplier in question provides consoles etc to retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy.


Secondly, and we are only reporting this because of the first-mentioned rumor above, according to some guy on NeoGAF, there is an internal Best Buy emailing going around with a release date of 29 October. Yes – October! This rumor has an extremely minute chance of being correct, but it would be a masterful stroke if Sony somehow did manage to release the PS4 in October! I don’t imagine the Xbox One team would be too happy.

Anyway, that’s our PS4 release date rumor roundup for today. You know what’s being said out there, just don’t believe it – yet.

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