PS4 Launch in Japan Will Strengthen its Lead

Last Updated: February 21, 2014


In terms of sales the PS4 has been ahead of the Xbox One for quite some time now, with a significant gap between the two, and today, we expect it to widen even further.

The PS4 got its lead before it was released in Japan. That release occurred today—and so far, the response has been positive. Sony’s consoles typically sell well in Japan, and Microsoft’s typically sell poorly. When you combine the two, this means our natural expectations would be for the PS4 to far outsell the Xbox One in Japan.

So far, the Xbox One has a media-centric nature that appeals more to western audiences and a series of games that do the same. The PS4 still has a small library of games, but it’s still likely to be the more appealing choice for a majority of Japanese gamers.

Since the PS4 has done so well in the west, where the Xbox 360’s sales always had an edge over the PS3, we can’t imagine how much the Japanese launch is going to strengthen Sony’s lead.