PS4 Infamous Bundle Still in the Lead

Last Updated: March 2, 2014


Last week was an interesting time for game bundle news. We told you about the Xbox One Titanfall bundle, which seemed a surefire way to boost the sales of the Xbox One, as it effectively discounted the console by including the game for free. A few days later, we told you about GameStop’s PlayStation 4 Infamous: Second Son bundle, which did not discount anything, but nevertheless became GameStop’s bestseller.

Well, it’s still there.

The Titanfall bundle held the top position on GameStop’s sales charts for a while, but the Infamous bundle took its place and has yet to budge. The Titanfall bundle, which we previously reported in the 23rd position, has since risen to 12th.

Interestingly, Titanfall itself is GameStop’s second bestselling product right now, with Infamous: Second Son in the 19th position, which suggests the first-person shooter is the more popular game—at least among players who have already upgraded to the next generation. We can’t be sure if Infamous is giving the PS4 a bigger boost than Titanfall is giving the Xbox One, or if the high popularity of the Infamous bundle has more to do with the scarcity of the PS4. After all, right now ordering the bundle is one of the few ways you can get ahold of Sony’s console.

Are you interested in one or both of these bundles? What are your thoughts on Infamous and Titanfall, and what do you think about this interesting sales phenomenon?